JOIN THE LIO World Community…be an LIO Libertarian Citizen

An LIO  Libertarian Citizen advocates rights by the option of voluntary alternatives, especially in LIO and Libertarian-friendly community. Libertarian Individuals=Community Progress

Since the early 1800’s, LIO has had world networks centered on the salons of the curators and local Individualist clubs…and encouraged Libertarian-based free communities focused on demonstration communes or cities, such as the famed Modern Times amd Garden City projects, –and free communes especially for the poor and disadvantaged, such as communities that welcomed former slaves. With the re-orientation in 1969 to grow pledged Libertarians and Libertarian-interested citizens, LIO has begun encouraging standard core communities.

Besides networking ipeople interested in voluntary community and sharing projects on SMILE lines, the project emplaces local communty social networks on a set process as: Local political no-fire zones, opportunities for leaders to encounter, and  centers for community betterment by encouraging volunteering, voluntarism, study of SMILE tools, and collaborative non-partisan public office involvement, especially appointive. In due course we will register actual LIO Libertarian co-housing, eco-communities and eco-cities as both models of innovation incubation, and centers of social stabilization. They grow on I LEAP! lines on revolving 6 year strategies based on best practices. These insure simultaneous and succesive focus on interpersonal, legislative, educative, action by community summit, and public office and documentation years of focus. Home, dinner club and co-op projects may continue to register as autonomous groups.The whole is highly supportive of Libertarian-oriented movement towards local town-hall democracy and choice or at least informed localism  in public services.Groups welcome SMILE-interest projects as tools of dialogue and betterment.

The project iwas designed to center on the originary proposals of the curator while welcoming all interested to share their SMILE-nterest work, and was fully endorsed by Libertarian leaders. David Nolan and Milton Friedman were honarary co-hosts of the first community at besides praising  groups as  Libertopia and the Free State Project. Be sensisitive that most participants are people generally interested and supportive, around a core of persons approved by the curator to keep focus . Our motto is Secular Jeffersonian Town-hall democracy is the case, Voluntary City is the velvet, and LIO eco-community the diamond.

Participation is free, no money is involved, and persons who act unprofessionally are unwelcome. The groups are being slowly rolled out over several years, and are designed to withstand any social convulsion and re-stabilize to open society. Please examine the links and…Join!