We’re spreading to this motto:


Libertarian Individuals Mean Community Progress.






Since the modern LIO Libertarian and allied Green movement began in 1969 with 5 pledgers and several hundred fans, we’re now 1+ per 1000 homes in every country. Why stop now?

The Libertarian International Organization  (LIO) helps you build a better world with aware, voluntary, non-punitive tools!  LIO is a set of advisory -encouragement networks  along SMILE lines. Mission: Help you promote peaceful voluntary choices and associations, notably in public administration, as engines of betterment. It is free, non-partisan, all-volunteer, neither takes nor donates funds; mothering Liberal and progressive change. 



Overview. The LIO was re-founded in 1904: Katherine Gardner-Gilson, G. Thonar, Michael Lemos. It initially focused on training on co-operatives, tolerance, and work on what is now the UN Declaration–a world rights charter. We include the predecessor Lemos-Gil Liberal Salons re-organized 1592 to promote voluntary associations as engines of progress. We’re an alliance of homes for goodwill, dialogue, volunteering.  Just share your good work: Use any of our 3 dialogue platforms of progress, rights, voluntary governance since 1969:


Civil Libertarianism: Voluntary eco-tools, all fields (SMILE).

Citizen Libertarianism: Local UN Rights democracy, all nations with Florida as model

Civic (with LIO curator): Libertarian model eco-homes/-community legal.

Formal Participation:.. in the LIO Libertarian world community is also via these 3 levels: You’re either an small-l libertarian applier, large-L pledged advocate, or LIO auditor (~170+ IQ homes)/Senior Libertarian focused on 1, 2, or 3 respectively.  (Outreach registration is presently closed. Informal pro-libertarian voters/libertarian-receptives may get on our d-base via e-mail to our Facebook i.e. LIO Friends, right). More: Am I a L/libertarian?


History: Please note the term Libertarian is derived from the Iberian for freeholder who championed justice and city rights–not liberty per se, but justice and free speech. Their voluntary Libertarian communities of old, many around the garden republic of Monfort Lemos–where all voted even in the Dark Ages–inspire many. Join LIO fans exchanging data for eco-homes/co-housing of positive parenting, prepping, and personal development; involvement in community volunteering and non-partisan local public office; and share links/tools. 


Now what? Enjoy our links, and LIO Fellows thinkpieces below: Share to promote brainstorming and dialogue.




“The is informal, effective because it’s us, we share many practical and inspiring tools, and LIO Libertarianism is very friendly to women and minorities such as Native and First peoples…”

–Meaghan Champion, Canadian Native American activist, homeschooler, and journalist.




Welcome from Kennon Gilson, student of art and education-philosophy, and great-grandson and collateral cousin-removed of the LIO re-founders.


“Rights, Order and Progress. LIO re-founders Katherine Gilson was also a co-organizer of the great D.C. woman’s march in 1913 where she was beaten by police while pregnant with my grandfather–then toured the country galvanizing the equal rights movement…while Michael Lemos peacefully ended slavery and co-founded the republic of Brazil designing its flag, encouraging many liberal-libertarian communes at the time educating the freed slaves. They formalized LIO which had been for over a century the research edge of the venerable Liberal League it now incorporates, hosted by my ancestors from time immemorial. Having been a teen Libertarian in several public offices in the USA, and learned of our history and community including from luminaries as noted philosophers John Hospers and Barbara Branden, David Nolan and Dr. R. Swanson who helped found at a suggestion from my grandfather, and Toni Nathan first woman to get an electoral vote in the US, I’m honored you’re looking into the amazing work and ideas of our fans. As a co-editor, I’ll do my best to help you share the good work, and try out a benevolent and tolerant Libertarian atmosphere starting at home. Remember, you already enjoy the fruits of many Liberal-Libertarian innovations and campaigns…what we’re doing is bringing aware, principled use:


“With more voluntary choices, things improve.”





Beloved late LIO Honorary Board Head Dr. Ralph Swanson and team travelled to world entering into many neighborhoods and every country, met with professional leaders to tribal elders, explained Christmas then said:’In brief, many LIO libertarians feel every day should be Christmas generosity and reflection whatever your belief, and we’re helping those trying to make it happen and get rid of rules that prevent that!’ thus building the LIO fan base to millions of homes, and helping unleash the spread of freer market democracy and increasingly depoliticized services…




We’re starting work on 3 great Tools for you in free PDF form. Translator volunteers will be needed…




Libertarian Vision brochure: 6-Page Orientation for informal libertarians and fans

Libertarian SMILE!–Projects Workbook: 250+ pp with the SMILE! thinkpieces  here in order plus some key LIO Friends projects

Country Directory. Top projects/links per country…LIO fans homes are in nearly every 1000-home district worldwide.

Contact us at LIO Friends Facebook to suggest a project–including yours–big or small for inclusion…


LIO Fans from Afghanistan to Zambia are delighted at the success of the Gov. Gary Johnson/Gov. Weld USA Campaign in setting a goal for creating one in their countries, and for now an easy way of entering Libertarianism into the dialogue. Non-political libertarianist think tanks and groups generally experienced a worldwide surge in interest as well.


During the campaign a workgroup supervised by the LIO curator, his son and daughter current co-ordinators in training, and followed by statisticians in several countries–the Facebook LPD Libertarian Poll Data Workgroup–garnered attention for in-depth poll analyses only LIO d-base data can provide, and accurately seeing through widespread poll manipulation to predict a massive breakthrough for Johnson and a Trump victory.


For reports and more see:   The group has 2000+ users from 120+ countries. Other activities include meme production, data retention, a ‘Great Libertarian’ of the past semi-regular post, and much data and news provided by users…A final report on the Johnson/Weld campaign is being prepared, and the group follows both elective and activist campaigns by libertarians in many countries.



Kennon Gilson, son of the LIO curator and 5 times Libertarian public official as a teenager, networks 1000+ past and present libertarian and -interested public officials worldwide. In college he studies philosophy, film-making, and education, and his professional association co-founded with David Nolan, Libertarian Program/GOAL, says the focus is on meeting the needs of anyone from pledged Libertarian to just interested in Libertarian-interest tools, and also non-partisan and especially appointive-board or neighborhood council local office where citizens can most easily participate. Kennon hopes to be an educator, counselor and art-filmmaker helping youth in poverty.




It is time for pro-Libertarians to wake up worldwide, whatever their party. We’re missing 10,000 pro-libertarian public officials in the USA of 310 MM voters.




I challenge serious pro-libertarians IN EVERY COUNTRY and all local parties or independents to meet, set a goal of 33 officials per million voters, and get people in local office low-/no-cost. Tools and how-to’s are at the website above.




That is 264,000+ officials around the world advising on voluntary tools and rights.




It’s been known since late USLP director Ron Crickenberger studied the results of the US LP’s first 20 years: Dedicated pro-libertarians were occupying after some years of effort 33 public offices, high or low, per 1 MM citizens ( or 300,000 regular voters). We’ve seen this in NH, Vermont, Costa Rica, Pinellas in Florida.




It is immaterial if the official is a famed Senator or caring neighborhood council member. A pro-libertarian in office is a pro-libertarian in office is a pro-libertarian in office as far as the voter is concerned. Having served is a great calling card.




Their study, re-confirmed in 2002, also revealed:




>>Pro-libertarians in 50+% of the cases LEAD the bodies that they serve, typically elected by their colleagues for their calm, strong knowledge, and consensus approach.


>>Many in appointed public offices—95+% of offices in the USA—who go on to elected office get (as Gary Johnson did) 95+% of their support/votes from those in other parties and independents, about evenly split. This is decreasing as more re-vote for libertarian-type candidates. In the US, the major parties are trying to attract the ‘libertarian vote’ and get endorsements from local LP leaders.


>>Pro-libertarians get into public office as or increasingly more easily than those of other parties as their reputation spreads. The biggest growth constraint of the USLP is (2017) lack of trained pro-libertarians to seek office.




In countries like Costa Rica where local pro-libertarians have put in a lot of presence, they have more in office-to-population than the US or many US states.




Don’t waste your time attacking officials of other parties. The public is seeing pro-libertarians as healers who bring rights/voluntary/Green -sensitive ideas to the table that both conservatives and progressives can use. Focus on showing how that is so.




My group, LIBERTARIAN PROGRAM, urges focus on getting those numbers in primarily non-partisan, appointive/neighborhood, local office (primarily) for interested LIO fans. We use no money and no weapon beyond asking folks where we can help with these tools. As formal libertarian-direction party projects like the expand, I challenge local groups and families to set that 33-per-million first target.


–July 17, 2017



Now in every nation there  with LIO users, autonomous think tanks, and a growing number of ‘Partidos Libertarios’ a review of some of the photos sent us of the amazing enthusiasm in discussing Libertarian Philosophy and applied philosophy in daily life and service areas…




(Above)  Latin American Women like artist-petitioner Ester Mendez Delgado of Costa Rica set a new beat as Latin Libertarian-Liberals in a new generation leave the think tanks to Hit the Streets for open dialogue on ballot access, crime and corruption data transparency, and natural co-operatives.


Other organizing issues include proposals for more neighborhood governance and  ‘libertarian community areas’ plus voluntary governance privatizations that actually work–and a free immigration and free trade treaty of the regions, then the Americas.